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How QR Snap Works

QR Snap utilizes analytic QR codes and web sessions to make inventory management effortless.
Dynamic QR tags are used to enhance your showroom experience through interaction and retargeting on Facebook and Google.
Visitors that scan QR Snap tags at your business automatically get served a Facebook Pixel.
These visitors are now added to a Facebook ads audience of visitors that have visited your store and can now be served Facebook ads
Make QR Snap Tags 🏷️
Select From Your Inventory
Print Lots of Tags
Scan Them
Start Tracking 📍
Track Using Dynamic QR Codes
Analytics Dashboard
Get Results
Increase Performance 📈
Geotag and Locate Inventory
Drive Customer Interaction
Retarget Store Visitors
Many high durability qr code tags made by qrsnap.io
The QR-Snap Backend QR Manager Manages your Dealership Inventory Seamlessly and allows for massive scale qr code generation. Designed for power user within the auto - powersports - rv - boat industries
QR Snap tags are geolocated and feature authenticated scans, transforming your staff into active agents for tracking and monitoring inventory. Experience the evolution of inventory management with QR Snap.
Experience real-time QR Code scans at your motorcycle dealership powered by QR Snap. Enjoy live updates with no need for page refreshes, enhancing your browsing experience and the ability to interact with customers.

QR Snap Makes Things Better

Audit and organize vehicle inventory in realtime
Create aesthetic hang tags that both customers and staff utilize
Link customers to your website and know when they are doing it
QR Tags Created
Dynamic QR Scans
Unique Scans
QR Codes are the perfect bridge from physical objects to the information about them.
This technology can surely be used to empower businesses.
Reese Russell, QR Snap CEO

Clear Pricing Makes it Easy

Modernize your sales experience and inventory management;
all while never wondering how much it's going to cost


Best to Familiarize with QR-Snap 😊
$25/ Mo
Up to 10 Dynamic QR Codes
Up to 150 Static QR Codes
Inventory Management Console
Bulk QR Generation Tools
Scan Tracking and Analytics


For Business and Power Users 🏢
$50/ Mo
Up to 150 Dynamic QR Codes
Up to 500 Static QR Codes
Inventory Management Console
Multi Batch QR Code Generation Tools
Advanced Tacking and Analytics
Brand Logo on QR Codes


⚡ Full Power Unlimited Experience ⚡
$100/ Mo
Unlimited Static QR Codes
Unlimited Dynamic QR Codes
Advanced Inventory Management Console
Multi Batch QR Code Generation Tools
Historical Advanced Data Analytics
Brand Logo on QR Codes + Error Correction
Brand Portal Redirects
GPS Geo-tagging
Desktop Notifications on Customer Scan

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